Are you cleaning your face properly?

It is important to keep our skin clean - but not “squeaky clean”

Seriously if you're cleansing your skin to the point of it feeling tight you are doing more bad than good. Our natural oils can actually be good! Here’s how a general cleansing routine should go.


AM : It can sound a little repetitive to clean your skin in the morning when all you did since the last time was sleep. BUT your pillowcase can hold a lot of bacteria! However, in the morning it is best to just cleanse with some lukewarm water and a towel or a very gentle cleanser. 


PM : This is when you need to double cleanse. Lather, rinse, repeat. Even if you don’t wear makeup this is important. There are tons of pollutants in our air that can speed up the aging process if not removed properly. Tuel makes it easy with their double cleansing system and they have 5 different kinds to match your skin type.


Here are some other tips to keep your skin clean:

  1. Invest in a cleansing brush. I prefer silicone because they don’t harbor bacteria. If you have something like a Clarisonic the heads should be replaced every 4-6 weeks otherwise you are just spreading bacteria all over your face. 

  2. If you work out regularly or have a job that requires a face mask, hair net, or headband wipe down your face with a cleansing wipe before you go home or right after you remove your mask. When you get home cleanse normally.

  3. If you struggle cleansing your face at night because you’re too tired and Netflix has consumed you, try cleansing your face right after you get home.