Feel like you've tried everything and STILL have acne?

Acne can be hard to handle. There are a lot of things in our daily lives that we may not think about triggering our acne. The biggest culprit is hidden bacteria. Here is a list of things we don't realize can trigger acne :

Your pillow cases harbor a lot of bacteria, especially if you aren't cleansing your face every night before bed. In an ideal world we would clean our pillow cases every day - but who has time for that? Try to wash your pillow cases at least once a week. A good alternative is getting some cheap hand towels to put over your pillow case and change every day. Cleansing your face every night before bed helps limit the amount of bacteria living on your pillow cases. Another great idea is getting some silk pillow cases. Silk pillow cases have quite a few beauty benefits - for acne they help by not soaking up any products from your hair that could then irritate your skin, or from your face making those expensive products you just put on not able to work through the night.
Makeup brushes also tend to hold a lot of bacteria, if you notice a lot of breakouts around your cheek bones ( where we apply bronzer and blush ) this is probably why. Clean your brushes once a week and apply a tea tree oil to get rid of bacteria and prevent it from coming back.
The fluoride in toothpaste can cause you to breakout by your mouth. It is best to brush your teeth before you wash your face. 
Your cellphone holds A LOT of bacteria - and then that bacteria is rubbed all over your face! Regularly wipe off your cell phone with cleansing wipes.
Headbands can cause you to breakout after sweat gets trapped under them and then soaks back into your skin. If you wear a headband wipe your skin off right away once you take it off with a cleansing wipe.
Found an acne cleanser that’s been sitting on your counter for a year or more? It probably isn’t effective anymore. It is important to follow the skincare company expiration dates. After opening, products will lose effectiveness over time.