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Glycolic Acid Exfoliator

AloeGlyC® is a face exfoliator like no other. Formulated with a base of organic, pharmaceutical-grade aloe vera and glycolic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid, this patented exfoliator features a pH similar to that of a professional chemical peel but without the risk of burn or redness. With just a single use, skin is noticeably brighter and softer. With consistent daily use, AloeGlyC glycolic acid exfoliator improves the appearance of sun-damaged and aging skin by smoothing skin texture, reducing hyperpigmentation, and diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Those with acne also benefit from AloeGlyC's ability to unclog pores and minimize their appearance while reducing post-acne pigmentation. 

AloeGlyC is packed with antioxidants, including Vitamin C beads, as well as Vitamins A, D and E and Green Tea, that work to neutralize free radical damage, contributing to healthier- and younger-looking skin. 

After 60 days of AloeGlyC use, participants in a consumer trial reported:

  • Improved skin tone, including a reduction in hyperpigmentation and redness (86%)
  • Improved skin texture, including smoother/softer skin (79%)

At the conclusion of the trial, nearly 30% of participants saw a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, with continuous improvement beyond the 60-day mark, as AloeGlyC use continued. Additionally, participants prone to dryness reported an improvement in hydration, while those prone to acne reported a significant reduction in the frequency of breakouts.